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The Predator
Ride of Steel/Superman
the predatorrrrrrr
Enjoy your stay at Darien Lake amusement park! We offer ride for all ages, starting from the kiddie pools and kiddie rides all the way up to the scariest rides that will blow your mind and make you lose your voice. Darien Lake also has a stage where we host many shows from concerts to comedians. When you have lost your stomach from the rides you can go have a bite to eat at some of our delicious resturants.
Coaster enthusiasts will fall head over heels in love with Darien Lake’s only wooden coaster – Predator. With the tallest wooden roller coaster drop in the state, adrenaline junkies won’t want to miss the sharp turns and thrills as you continue your coaster tour of Darien Lake.
The Boomerang
The Motocoaster
 One of the tallest coasters east of the Mississippi, climbing 208 feet and reaching speeds in excess of 75 mph. Hop into the tallest and faster roller coaster in New York State – Ride of Steel. With three hills and speeds of greater than 75 miles per hour, it’s no wonder why this is the ultimate coaster for thrill-seekers. Enjoy the thrill of our tallest drop as you plunge 205 feet on the first 70-degree drop to see what it feels like to fly!

Backwards or forwards, you won’t know which direction you are going on Boomerang. After plunging down a drop of nearly 125 feet and three loops, you do the entire thing over again… but backwards. With 6 total inversions and two drops in 90 seconds, Boomerang is perfect for any coaster enthusiast.
Ever wonder what it would be like to feel the breeze while speeding away on a motorcycle? Motocoaster is the only coaster that launches riders from zero to 40 mph in just three seconds! Feel the breeze through your hair as you zoom through the quickest ride in the park. Time flies by so fast when you’re speeding on Motocoaster that you’ll want to ride it again and again!
The Tornado
Ever wonder what it felt like to ride a Tornado? The excitement begins on a platform set 75 feet in the air. Then, you plunge down a 132-foot long tunnel and are thrust into a giant open-ended funnel at a pulse-pounding 20mph. It’s the perfect waterslide for adrenaline-junkies looking for an aquatic thrill.
Lodging, Resturants and More!
Beaver Brothers Lakeside Cafe
RV Rentals
Johnny Bears Resturant
Cabin Rentals
Pizza Pantry

Book your stay at these lovely 4-6 person cabin that has kitchenette, bathroom, shower included as well as beds for up to 6 people

After a long day of riding rides and toasting in the hot sun, enjoy your homemade, handtossed pizza with any topping of your choice

board walk
At the boardwalk you will find the BEST chicken tenders and french fries ever!

Book your tickets to come to the most popular attraction that we have here at Darien Lake. Many performing artist come almost every other night of the week! Stay updated with who will be here!

Here is one of the other options for camping, there are also sights
foryou to set up your tent and relax andenjoy the beautiful surroundings

We host many different events that can be for all ages.



Park Hours

General Admissions/Season Passes

June:Monday-Friday 10AM to 11PM Saturdays and Sundays 9AM-12PM

July:Monday-Friday 10AM to 11PM Saturdays and Sundays 9AM to 12 PM

August: Monday-Friday 10AM to 11PM Satudays and Sundays 9AM to 12PM

Hours may vary due to event at park for more information keep up with our calendar on the website link below!

Season Passes valid anyday in May, September and October; or any day Monday-Thursday in June, July and August. Purchasing a season pass is the best way to go! It will save you and your family tons of money! Included in this package you also get two free friend passes.

We also offer military discount. Veterans, active, and retired military memebers recieve free addmission. (Children under 2 are FREE!)

$20 for each individual general admission pass

Individual ticket prices are not shown online

Address: 9993 Alleghany Rd, Darien Center, NY 14040
Park Number:585.599.4641
Vacations Information:585.599.2211 Click here to take you to website!
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