What are my favorate pets?

People have favorite animals. I have a couple. My first favorite pet is a dog because they are so affectionate and caring. My second favorite pet is a cat because they are soft and fluffy but also are affectionate. And finally my third favorite animal is a horse because even though they are big and scary to some they are fun to ride and are also very affectionate. Dogs are friendly and kid animals but you do have to put in some work for them. If you don't have a doggie door then, you have to let them outside on your own. You have to feed them, give them water, and you have to give them attention because they are like people and they need it. Another thing is you have to take care of them and bring them to the beauty parler and vet every once in a while.

Dogs need to have some work put in to make them be trained.

Cats need to be taken to the groomers and be taken care of like dogs.

Horses are animals that need lots of work but once you get used to it,
It's an easy job and you can get it done sooner.
You also need to let them go out and run around. But you can also train them and take them to turnaments and meets.

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