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This is a page on some of my favorite sports. Also some more of my projects are linked below!!!
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The reason I picked sports is because its something I like to do for fun and something that I enjoyable for me.

I also like animals such as: dogs, guinea pigs, cats, horses, etc.. Animals are a comfort thing for me that help me in the long run!
Here are some images of my favorite sports!!!

Basketball is fun to me it's something I can do to take my mind off of things also it's something I can play with my family.

Figure/Hockey Skating (Cursor on Image) is something I like to do becasue I can compete in both figure skaing and hockey amd it's figure skating is a relaxing sport to play.
Soccer i'm not really good at but it's someything I like to do because I can relax and have a good time with friends.
Softball is something I like to do because it's something my grandpa did with all kis grandkids so I get to enjoy the felling that he is with us.
Volleyball is a sport that I am good at and it's a sport that I like. I can compete and I can have fun doing it with my friends and family.
As you can tell most of the sports I play, I play them because I can spend time with friends and family. I also enjoy playing them. And I didn't post any picture of animals but I love playing with they and petting them and cuddling with them whenever I can.
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