Ice Skating

Do you want to learn about Ice Skating? Do you want to know about the very first time I ever skated and what will happen when you skate? Well you have come to the right place them. My first day was during winter break in 4th grade. I started off as a figure skater. It was hard to learn. I thought it was impossible but then I went to a compation and it was amazing. I decided to keep going. Once I was good at figure skating I moved onto hockey skates and my journey of hockey came into play.

These are just about the same skates I have but not as pretty. They are professional figure skates.

These are hockey skates they are fun and harder to use but you will still get the hang of them.

Now these ones do have some effects added but if you were figure skating these are what they would look like.

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Watertown Municipal Arena

Facts about Ice Skating!

How to start Ice Skating!

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