My Three Favorite Pets

When it comes to pets, everyone has their favorites, some of mine are more interesting then the traditional cat, dog, bird, fish, or mouse. My first favorite pet is none other then the basic farm animal the Chicken! They are very interesting in nature and very curious animals, most are friendly and will give you love and make you feel or warm and fuzzy inside. My second favorite pet is going to be the most odd out of all of them, it's a insect that most people fear, the Wasp. Brfore you judge, just remember the little guys count as well. While most will found this odd and very dangerous, it is but also remember most who do this have done research on keeping them or at least should have. If you are allergic to wasp obviously don't attempt this in the event a few of your pets get out and attack! Other then that these little dudes are fun to watch as they feed the young and the nest and population of wasp grows. The third and final favorite pet of mine is the traditonal Cat, everybody says dogs are a mans bestfriend but I respectfully disagree, cats are a mans bestfriend. They're a big body of love that greet you at the door, lay beside you when you're cold or down, and sleep beside you every night for comfort, so really you don't have to get married, just but a cat.

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