About the Park
About The Park

Welcome to Great Escape Six Flags! Here you will have thetime of your life, from our summer months full of goodsmelling foods to the thrilling rides that will leave
you in daze. Then don't forget our Fright Fest come
halloween, it's just to die for!

Prices range form $38.39 for a day per person, $56.99 for a season Gold pass per person, and $5.95 for a Membership card.

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The Comet
The Sasquatch
This Comet is the only old fashioned Roller Coaster
in the park! With a height of 4,200 feet Sit will sure
be a fun thrill for its riders. The Comet was first know as
the "Cyclone" in 1927, the rest was built in 1947.
Over forty years later, the ride was delivered to Great Escape as we all know it to be today as the Comet!
The Sasquatch is the tallest thrill ride in the
park! Two towers labeled "Up" and "Down" will
leave you wondering which lane to choose and if it's
the right decision. I must warn you, once you're on
there is no way to know if you'll return!
Don't worry, it's only a drop from 192'.
The Steamin' Demon
Splash water Kingdom
The Steamin' Demon is a must do type
of ride! From it's daring name to the 1
loop and the two corkscrews, this ride
will leave you feeling energetic
and the urge to ride it again!
Feeling like a hot summer day? Well go down
to the Splash water Kingdom and get a refreshing feel of
the wave pools, water slides, or a nice tan in the sun!
Kiddy Section
Welcome to the Kiddy Park! Don't like the
thought of dropping many feet or going really fast?
Well then head to the Kid's rides! They're family friendly and will
sure leave your little ones with a smile that's photo ready!
Interesting Park Events
Fright Fest
Lodge and Indoor Water park
Fright Fest! one of the most Spooktacular
events when it comes to halloween time
around Great Escape! From the monsters
that lurk in the shadows of the night,
to the man that runs at you with a chainsaw,
and who can forget that Clown Haunted House
you just got done crying from!

Welcome to the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water park! You can plan visits or stay a while in our Hotel rooms. While you're here, you can enjoy our Arcade, Indoor Water park, and our
Amusement Park right across the street.
The Boomerang
Dining in the park

The Boomerang is the only roller coaster that
doesn't have a complete track! First you are pulled up from the station, released from the top, through the loops and up one more hill. Oh and one more thing, you are then released again but this time you are going backwards. Enjoy your ride!

Are you feeling Hungry? Don't worry, Great escape has
some the most delicious foods you'll ever taste! From
our Dippin' Dots stations, indoor restaurants and
cafe's, also our smoothie and candy stores, there's
always a variety for everyone. Also don't forget to check out our
Dining Passes
as well!
The Sky Screamer
Dare devilish are we? well if that's you then take a
ride on the Sky Screamer and soar to the heights of
fear! Standing at over 400 feet, your feet
will dangle as you spin around in circles, Hope you
didn't just eat?, it may spin your insides!
Other Information:
Phone Number: (518)-824-6060
Address: 89 Six Flags Drive, Queensbury, NY 12804

Email us for more information OR visit us to see the experience for yourself!
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