Report Lake Effect Snow

Reporting and Tracking Lake Effect Snow is fun and easy! Some simple steps to take to prepare for such a event is first looking at your local weather, especially during the late Fall and early Winter around CNY or any other Great Lakes region that experiences Lake Effect Snow. Once you've noted your area is going to more then likely experience Lake Effect Snow squalls, start gathering your gear to use during the storm. Some simple things to have is a yard stick, your snow gear, pen/pencil with paper to record data, and a flat surface to accuratley measure the correct amount of snow. During the first 6-12 hours of the event, put your snow gear on and grab your yard stick, head out to your decided flat surfaced area and meaure how deep the snow is. Make sure you take a few mwasuremnt within a foot of the first measurement to get a averge measure. For example, If you measure four times and your measurements are 14", 12", 14", and 14", you know that 14" of snow. once you are done, clean your flat surface area so its a clean slate for the next measurement. Then record your data on a piece of paper inside where it's warm and submit to a number of places, your local news stations, CoCOrahs, or Social Media. keep on measuring throughout the storm using the same process, once the storm is done, add up all the numbers and that will be your grand total for the storm!(EX: 14"+16"+26"+8"=64" for that storm). Another thing you can do is add up each storms final total to get the winter seasons total snowfall and keep track of yearly seasons and compare it to Average seasons, Record seasons, and less snow filled seasons. (For more information on this email me also on how to sign-up for CoCorahs!)

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